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can we just have tea

You can during the week but it is a special request. On the weekends, it is a 5 course prix fixed tea with a very nice assortment of food. No exceptions. Forgive me if you don't understand the reference but "go ahead and split, Mr. amoeba man". I really hope, you are Elizabeth Ziff...otherwise, that was embarrassing ;)

Can you just purchase dry tea to have at home?

No, their tea was not for sale outside the salon. (I actually ask the first time I was there). However, since they're connected to the Inn, perhaps that can change if you're staying at the Inn. Best to ask them directly.

Do they do a gluten free afternoon tea?

Not too sure but the are very accommodating so if you ask I'm pretty sure they will be able to

Is Lady Mendls kosher?

They can accommodate dietary requests when you make your reservation.

Is there a privite room. can you host organization groups.

Yes, they do, you can host an event there.

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